A Thank you...

What is this?

✨We Wanted to show all of you how grateful we are for Ploppydolly and all the support that has come with it! So we wanted to give back to all of you

✨For every review that is left on TikTok shop we will be rewarding two people

✨The first person being you, for the review left we will be giving you a free £5 voucher to use on our ploppdolly website to make your next purchase with!

✨The second person? Mothers and Women in need. We are a brand that wants to represent women and how strong they, how as individuals no matter what, we over come diversity and heartache. This is why for every review left we will be donating £3 to a charity dedicated to women and mothers in need!



✨Wait till the end for a special suprise: Yes you heard us right! We want to give back to our community and support not only those who have supported us, but also as many people as possible. That's why for every review left on a product purchased from TikTok Shop under the Ploppy Dolly Store, we will not only give you a special gift as a thank you, but we will also donate to a charity supporting mothers and women in need! We can't express how ecstatic we are with the success of Ploppy Dolly. We are growing the brand beyond our wildest dreams and bringing all of you along with us! To enter the giveaway, simply follow these steps: - Leave a review for the product you purchased from Ploppy Dolly. If you would like to support our mission, a 5-star rating would be amazing :) - Take a screenshot of your review and go to the "Thank You" section of our website. Send an email to our customer support team with the screenshot. - You will then receive your gift from us and your review will count towards our donation! Thank you all again for your support.

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Entry Details:

✨To enter all you need to do is:

-Leave a review on our Ploppydolly TikTok shop for your order, If you would like to support us on our mission of empowering women, A 5 star review would be appreciated :)

-Take a screenshot of this review and send it to us via this email: customer@ploppydolly.com

-Then wait for your voucher to come through and donation to be made!

Again... Thank you all so much, we couldn't have done this without you